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For many centuries, the Ainu people have lived in the northern islands of Japan. Their epic tales reflect a deep respect for nature and belief that there are spirits in all things, both living and inanimate. This show will be based on three of these stories and will feature a loathsome dragon who meets an unexpected fate, a young warrior who subdues a gigantic ferocious fish, and the reminiscences of a primordial tree as she is transformed into a sailing vessel. A range of masks, puppets and giant figures will populate these adventurous tales of interactions between humans, gods and the natural world.

Designed & Directed by Ralph Lee
Music composed by Neal Kirkwood

Lyrics by Bob Holman
Choreographed by Hilary Easton
Costumes by Casey Compton

The Company
Andrew Butler

Tanya Dougherty
Audrey Hailes
Greg Manley
Tom Marion

Musician – Matt Donello


In the garden of
The Cathedral of St. John the Divine
112th Street and Amsterdam Avenue
September 9, 10, 11 & 16, 17, 18

7:30 pm


Productions which incorporate masks, giant figures, puppets and other visual elements with live music, movement and text, drawing on myths, legends and folklore of the world's many cultures for its material. The company is committed to bringing theater to people who may have little or no access to live professional theater. Each year Mettawee presents outdoor performances in rural communities of upstate New York and New England as well as performing in the New York City area.