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One task as Coordinator of Theatre Arts has been to seek out and invite guest artists to work with our students, and to help facilitate a succesful completion of thier work.  Here's a look at some recent projects, along with our newly articulated mission statement:


York College Theatre

Your ticket to the world!


Since its inception in 1970, York College Theatre has sought to explore our world with a wide breadth of plays and stage performance styles - from the classic, to the experimental, from farce, to tragedy, from world renowned literature, to original student/faculty collaborations. With every season York College Theatre looks to the world’s diversity, delving into the universal themes of our common humanity while celebrating the unique cultural heritages that make each of us special.  Recently, we have expanded our repertoire to include the world of musical theatre with productions of Aida, Dreamgirls, and Rent.  Music has also been an indispensable feature of many of our productions, like our poetry slam Heartbeat and the recent A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Whatever your interest, we’re sure you want to join us as we continue to unleash the power of live theatre to provoke, excite, and explore the dramatic human landscapes that shape our world!

Strange Worlds in My Mind

Dip into the planetary mythos of Sun Ra as we take you on an (afro)futuristic space odyssey.


An original play written and directed by guest artist Kristine Haruna Lee and Cast, 

Strange Worlds orbits contemporary issues of race, culture, and survival, and turns it all on its head!


Join us as we explore the outer space world of Sun Ra, an angel from Saturn, and his cosmic poetry, philosophy, and above all, his electrifying jazz Arkestra….

AFTER - a World Premiere By Mona Mansour & Tala Manassah

AFTER reveals the captivating world and intimate struggles of an Arab-American family in New York City.


Set in a family-owned bookstore in modern-day Brooklyn, Tariq, a high school student barely skirting straight F’s, struggles to find his voice in his family and surrounding community. With his only friend Amelia, a dedicated activist, Tariq exploits his one superior talent that is nothing short of dangerous: hacking the internet. When his cousin Rania arrives to the United States under extremely mysterious circumstances, her presence causes a series of events that force Tariq and his family to reevaluate their fundamental ideas about generational differences, discrimination, and truth.


Following The House, commissioned by Noor Theater (resident company at New York Theater Workshop) and The Letter, produced by Golden Thread in San Francisco this past fall, Mansour and Manassah continue their collaboration of creating original work with AFTER.


Discuss the play with the director, Hadi Tabbal, and cast of AFTER. There will be a question and answer forum following each performance.




TEACH FOR AMERICA - a new play by Rob Ackerman

 Shipnia, a refugee from Kosovo who grew up in the Bronx, is a history teacher. After enrolling in the Teach for America program, she finds herself at a dilapidated high school in the Mid West. Shipnia is inspiring, dedicated, and passionate. Yet sooner than later, she realizes that the system surrounding her employment might be stronger than her passion. What starts off as a hopeful school year turns into a series of questions and battles bigger than a high school classroom… battles against the students, the educational system, and herself, as she tries to succeed at the one thing she might still believe in.


Teach for America was commissioned for and produced at the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) MFA program in San Francisco in the spring of 2014.  This rewritten production marks the play's east coast premier.  Directed by Hadi Tabbal.


Rob Ackerman is a contemporary American playwright. His plays include Tabletop, which won the 2001 Drama Desk Award for Best Ensemble Performance,Volleygirls, and Call Me Waldo.


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Mentoring:  Senior Projects

LOUD BASS - written and performed by Eric Normil-Mendez

December 16, 2022

A comatose young man's refection on racism, stereotypes, and violence in the African-American community.


Performed and written by Eric Normil-Mendez


490 Senior Project - In partial fulfillment of Theater Arts major requirements.


Wednesday, December 16 at pm

To, young, gay and HAPPY - created and performed by Shatiek Johnson & Anthony Alicea

May 22, 2015


THE CRAZY LOVES OF MILO THE GREAT - performed by Milo Bautista

May 22, 2015

A free form personal exploration interpreted from the monogues of John Leguizamo.

INSIDE the OTHER SIDE - Created and performed by Guerschom Dieurine

May 22, 2015


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