Renowned puppet and mask maker Ralph Lee  returns with his Mettawee River Theatre Company to the Outdoor Garden of St. John the Divine for the New York Premiere of "Beyond the High Valley," drawn from a beguiling folk story of the Quecha people, descendants of the Incas of Peru.  Performances are September 11-13 and 18-20 at 7:30 PM.

In "Beyond the High Valley," the unlikely combatants are a willful giant condor and an intrepid little hummingbird.  The production will incorporate a range of puppets and other visual elements realized on many different scales, expressing the vast distances, radiant sky, and rugged vertical thrust of the fierce and beautiful highland terrain.


Puppets, masks and set: Ralph Lee
Performers: Kim Gambino, Greg Manley, Tom Marion, Jan-Peter Pedross, and Monica Santana
Original music: Neal Kirkwood
Musicians: Ilusha Tsinadze (guitar and percussion), Phil Rowan (double bass)
Costumes: Casey Compton


The Mettawee River Theatre Company, founded in 1975, creates original Theater Productions which incorporate masks, giant figures, puppets and other visual elements with live music, movement and text, drawing on myths, legends and folklore of the world's many cultures for its material. The company is committed to bringing theater to people who may have little or no access to live professional theater. Each year Mettawee presents outdoor performances in rural communities of upstate New York and New England as well as performing in the New York City area.



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