June 19 & 20, 2015

Les Sages Fous

Saison de Theatre Insolite

Trois Riveries, Quebec


An odd young woman acquires a "puzzle box" - a mysteriously locked wooden chest with no apparent door or lid, no hinges, and no clues.  This meeting of the strange girl and the strange box ignites a series of astonishing events, while a parade of eccentric characters seeks to cure her mania. As the solution to the mystery unravels, the story begins to shift and double back, revealing hidden passages and unexpected turns  just like the puzzle box itself.  Employing heightened physicality, stylized staging and cryptic language, "The Puzzle Box" will mesmerize and surprise. Five actors populate a dreamlike world of shifting realities, unimaginable loss and miraculous redemption in "The Puzzle Box."

The Ensemble:  Dana Wieluns Legawiec, Stephen Legawiec, Kathleen Nation, Tom Marion, Marjolaine Whittlesey.

Direction by Stephen Legawiec

Costume Designer by Joan Mather

Movement by Dana Wieluns Legawiec.


Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble creates performances inspired by world myths and explores ritual as a dramatic form, performed by a small group of resident actors who are committed to growing as artists.  Ziggurat’s performance style is informed by the varying cultures explored, emphasizing not only the emotional, but also the physical, musical and visual aspects of performance.  The theater’s creative work illuminates themes from world mythology, which transcend cultural boundaries by addressing our common experience."Ziggurat Theatre has made a name for itselfwith evocative, visually stunning productions"- Los Angeles Times 



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