Wilfred R. DeFour  Sr.  DOTA
Audley E. Coulthurst  DOTA
Richard G. Braithwaite  DOTA


Ms. Patt. Terrelounge    

Heritage Member  (Daughter of Victor Terrelounge DOTA)  President CBG Tri-State Chapter TAI Inc.


Dr. Darlene DeFour    

Heritage Member  (Daughter of Wilfred DeFour  DOTA)


Mrs. Terrelounge  

(Widow of Victor Terrelounge DOTA)


Reynard Burns     

Public Relations Officer, Board member  CBG Tri-State Chapter TAI Inc.

York College Theatre's ORIGINAL play, The Tuskegee Airmen Project at PAC the Little Theatre.  Directed by Carl Cofield. What does the legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen mean to the modern college student?  Using firsthand accounts and newly declassified historical documents, this new play takes us on a fast paced, aggressive dive right into enemy fire as a group of today’s twenty-year-old students discover how not too long ago young people like themselves fought and died for liberty, from the intolerance of America’s foes overseas to the racism of America’s own at home.

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